You can allow your moderators to create an Atlassian Jira issue from a suggestion.

Configuring Atlassian Jira integration

First, you’ll need to add your Atlassian Jira connection info to Feature Upvote. To configure Jira access:

  1. Go to your Feature Upvote dashboard
  2. Find the product which you wish to connect with Jira, and click on “Configure”
  3. Click on the “Integrations” link
  4. Find “Atlassian Jira” in the list of available integrations. Click on Enable
  5. Add the URL of your Atlassian Jira server. Note that it must be publicly visible. If your Jira installation can only be reached within your organisation, this integration won’t work.
  6. Add a Jira username and password for an account that has admin permissions for the project you wish to link.
  7. Click on Save and Continue

If the Jira Instance URL, username, and password were correct, you’ll now be able to complete part 2:

  1. A new section in the form will appear labelled Atlassian Jira Options
  2. Choose a project and issue type. Any Jira issue you create from a suggestion will be assigned to the selected Jira project, and given the selected issue type.
  3. Click Save

Using Atlassian Jira integration

When using Feature Upvote as a moderator, you’ll now see a new option when viewing a suggestion: “Link a Jira issue”

Clicking the link gives you the option to create a new Jira issue, or to link to an existing issue:

Once you’ve linked a suggestion to a Jira issue, you’ll now see an option to “View linked Jira issue”.

Clicking the link shows some basic info from the Jira issue.

Note that unlinking an issue does not change it on Jira. Feature Upvote creates Jira issues but never changes them nor deletes them. After creating a Jira issue from Feature Upvote, you should use Jira if you wish to change the description or assign the issue to a specific team member.

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