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You can control how customers and your team use your board in a number of ways. This is to support certain use cases:

  • You want customers or team members to vote on specific ideas rather than add their own
  • You want to show customers and B2B clients what you are working on but don’t want them to contribute to the board directly
  • You only want moderators to add comments to feedback rather than everyone

What you can control using permissions

Feature Upvote allows you to control three actions:

  • Who can add suggestions
  • Who can add comments to suggestions
  • Who can vote.

In each case, you can give permission to

  • Everyone (the default)
  • Moderators only
  • No-one

How you can make changes

Go to your Feature Upvote dashboard.

Select ‘Configure’.

Select ‘Access & Permissions’

In the panel labelled ‘Permissions’ configure Feature Upvote to suit your requirements.

Select ‘Save’.

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