We follow Google’s guidelines for SEO (search engine optimisation). This means your Feature Upvote suggestions are likely to rank well in Google’s search engine results pages.

You’ll find that as your list of suggestions grows, people will find suggestions directly by searching in Google. This has two benefits for you:

  1. This increases your web footprint, helping more people to find your product and website. A consequence of this is that people will be less likely to find your competitors.
  2. It decreases your support load, as people who would otherwise have written to you asking to make an improvement will find that the improvement is already on your suggestion list. Instead they’ll upvote it.

Here’s how a Feature Upvote suggestion might appear in Google:

Here are some specific SEO steps we’ve taken:

For your main product page

  • Your product name is in the HTML title tag as follows: “User suggestions – your product name
  • Your product name is in the meta description text: “Add and vote up suggestions for your product name.

For each suggestion

  • Each suggestion has its own page with an optimised URL (known as a slug).
  • The suggestion title appears in the HTML title tag and meta description.
  • The suggestion title is presented using an HTML h1 tag.
  • The suggestion creation date is wrapped in an HTML time tag.
  • The suggestion text can easily be indexed by Google.
Last modified: 2017/11/08

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