We’ve generally found that most teams will add feedback to a suggestion board without too much prompting.

Teams generally like that it’s easy to give feedback and that their feedback is visible. They also appreciate knowing whether it is being acted upon.

However, there are a few actions you can take to improve the success of your boards.

Thank people who contribute

If you’re using a product idea board then add a comment in response to a suggestion saying ‘Thanks for your suggestion. Great to have!’ that everyone can see.

There’s something nice about thanking people publicly:

When you do get suggestions, thank people openly – not just privately. However you communicate with the team, make sure people know you appreciate suggestions by thanking them in front of the group. Linked to that, make sure you’re open about what you do with those suggestions, so team members know it’s not just going into a black hole. E.g. ‘I’ve added this great idea to the backlog for next quarter, thank you X. You can see the ticket here…’
Pippa Gittings, Product Manager at the Natural History Museum, London

Share updates on the board

Share board successes with your team.

If someone suggested an idea that has resulted in a win for your company then let everyone know – and thank people for voting for the idea. This way your team can see that you act on the board and that even just their vote can help steer the direction of the company.

An engaged team is more likely to use your board. They are also more likely to work effectively for your company.

Keep reminding your team that the board exists

If you’re having an informative chat at a standup or even at the water cooler say: “hey, why don’t you add that to the board?”

Add links to places that your team will see, whether this is online or on the notice board.

Organise regular ideas session (remote or physical) and get people to add their suggestions to the board. This way your team get in the habit of using the suggestion board.

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