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Our search function is simple and powerful. Results are shown instantly as you type. Typos and alternative spelling are effectively handled. We show up to five results as you type. You can see more by pressing enter.

Results take into account whether you are a moderator or normal user. Moderators see unapproved suggestions in the results.

The search engine also knows the language of your suggestion board and adapts the search results accordingly

You might want to search your suggestion board to find:

  • How much feedback you’ve had about a certain topic
  • How many features are now ‘high priority’ (and so on)
  • How many features have a certain tag

How to search by keyword

Enter any phrase to see suggestions:

Even if you make a typo you’ll still see relevant results:

Or if you use an alternative spelling

How to search by status or tag

Simply search ‘high priority’ to see all results.

Or search by the tag you’ve created.

There’s no need for complicated syntax.

Need more help with this?
Don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Thanks for your feedback.